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The IHELP protocol serves the intersection of Web3 and charitable giving. IHELP is a decentralized donation protocol where anyone can participate and easily contribute to charitable causes worldwide.
IHELP allows you to sustainably & automatically donate yield to any charity in the ecosystem. You can also easily donate tokens directly if you wish.


Philanthropy and Web3
Charitable giving is growing steadily year over year. 2020 was the highest year of charitable giving, with $600 billion donated to charities globally. Out of the $600 billion, $450 billion originated in the United States, with individual donations conforming the largest segment of donors at $309 billion (69% share) donated. At the institutional level, foundations contributed $75 billion (17%), bequests $43 billion (10%) & corporations $21 billion (5%).
Total charitable giving grew 5.1% in 2020 measured in current dollars versus 2019, or 3.8% adjusted for inflation. IHELP leverages the Web3 ecosystem with real-world infrastructure to deliver increased transparency, lower overhead and customer acquisition costs to charities, and involve a genuinely global and borderless audience to make the world a better place.


IHELP Foundation
The IHELP Foundation's purpose is to serve the IHELP protocol. The Foundation acts as the main point of converting crypto donations to fiat when needed, and handles the delivery of donations to charities that do not have crypto wallets.
The IHELP ecosystem greatly benefits from the IHELP Foundation. Without it, the protocol would require that each charity set up their own blockchain infrastructure, which is less efficient. Thanks to the IHELP Foundation, the protocol can quickly scale out its charity count.


2021 Second Half

Creation of IHELP Smart Contracts
Deployment of App on Rinkeby Testnet
Deployment of Front End V1
Protocol Documentation Published
Staking Pool & Leaderboard V1

2022 First Half

Selection of Initial Set of Charities
Contract Audits
Front End V2
IHELP Foundation Incorporation
Foundation Fiscal Sponsorship Agreement
Protocol Deployment on Avalanche

2022 Second Half

Integration with Additional Lending Protocols
Decentralized Governance Infrastructure Deployment
Leaderboard V2


Deployment on additional EVM compatible L1 or L2

Long Term

Transition to Fully Decentralized Governance Completed


What is IHELP?
The IHELP protocol is a platform where people can easily generate and donate yield to charities worldwide. We seek to allow everyone the opportunity to support meaningful causes sustainably. Donors ("Helpers") can browse a list of charities worldwide and choose the causes they wish to support. We offer donors the opportunity to either donate yield or capital towards their chosen charities. Helpers who decide to donate yield can withdraw or reallocate their capital at any time. For more information, please visit our docs.
What is the HELP token?
Anyone that donates yield to charities via the IHELP protocol will receive HELP reward tokens. While contributing to a cause is a noble and meaningful reward by itself, we seek to create a robust and sustainable ecosystem with specific key incentives and programmed allocation of resources that will help the protocol become a thriving ecosystem with a global donor community. In order to achieve the aforementioned goals, 13 million HELP tokens (49.8% of total supply) will be distributed via rewards to yield donors. For more information, HELP token section of our docs.
Is IHELP audited?
We are in the process of completing our audits. You can find our reports in the Security & Audit section of our docs.
Can I get a tax deduction for my donation?
Donors will have the option to receive a tax deduction for their donation. However, it is important to note that the tax deduction amount will be net of staking and protocol development fees, for more information please visit our docs
What’s the difference between direct donation and yield donation?
Direct donation is the traditional donation method. A Donor can select a charity and donate any amount of tokens they would like to that organization. Yield donation is IHELP's core donation system. A Donor deposits tokens towards a charitable organization, IHELP pools those tokens and lends it out on lending protocols. 80% of the yield generated by those tokens gets donated towards the charitable organization the Donor selected, with the remaining balance going towards staking pool rewards and IHELP's treasury. The Donor can withdraw or reallocate their capital at any time.